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Setting Priorities and Goals

  • E-learning

Setting goals and meeting them by deciding on the right priorities. That’s what you will learn in this Online Training.

This training is a good start for people with time management challenges. Especially if you find it hard to set clear goals or priorities. In this focus module, we will specifically address those two topics. This can help you to get a better grip on your work and actually meet your goals.


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Finishing this course will reward you with a Online Academy certificate.The certificate will be published in your Online Academy dashboard upon completion of the course.


You will be able to set clear and realistic goals for yourself.

You know how to realise these goals. You work more effectively on your personal goals.

You are more in control of your work, which means you use your time more efficiently.

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This is the perfect online training if you want to start setting clear priorities and goals. This is a compact basic training which helps you as an introduction to the subject.


Your access is valid for one year and will not be renewed automatically.